About our Timelapse system

The cameras will be used along with a 14mm prime lens. This gives a 110 degree of view and will provide maximum possible field of view of the site from the recommended locations.

The cameras can be mounted on scaffold or rooftops depending on the area being recorded.

All cameras will be DSLRs, 24 million pixels. This will give us the ability to zoom into the image digitally with ease if greater detail is required.

The system has a controller unit attached which will have a 4G phone sim card inserted into them. We will check onsite if there is a strong constant 4G signal. In the event of a fault in the camera, the controller unit will automatically send SMS and email alert to our team and a service crew will be dispatched within 48 hours.

Our cameras unit is self-powered by a 20W solar panel. No external power is required.

We provide regular maintenance Our system has inbuilt remote sensors to trigger email and sms alerts to us in case the 4G network stops working. Upon receipt of such an alert, our team will attend to it within 24 hours (48 hours maximum).

Please note that since our system is self-powered and uploads the images directly to the web-server online, there is no requirement to change batteries or change memory cards periodically. For long term time-lapse projects, it is critical that we do not touch or move the camera system at all.


  • DSLR Camera with wide angle lens
  • Weather proof housing
  • Solar Power Unit
  • Controller Unit – customized and programmed, remotely controllable, 4G enabled
  • Web Server and associated website

At the heart of the system is the low-powered controller, which triggers the camera and connects regularly to the 4G network to receive configuration settings, send photos and provide status updates. The controller utilises HSDPA, the most common 4G technology around the world.

The customized controller does the following functions:
  • Integrates with the DSLR
  • Turns the camera on at set intervals and triggers a photo
  • Reads the camera’s SD storage output and saves the photos to the on-board microSD card
  • Connects to the internet over the 4G network to receive configuration settings, send status reports and upload photos
  • Charges the battery from the solar or AC power-source.

With 4G connectivity - There’s no need to visit the site and plug in a computer to configure the system or download photos, and real-time status reporting means you always know how your system is going.

The customized and programmed controller triggers the DSLR camera to take high resolution photos at regular intervals. These photos can be compiled into unique time-lapse movies that show the journey of a long-term project in just seconds.

The high resolution images allow the post-production process to include zoom, pan and cropping without loss of quality. The photos can also be used for high quality marketing photos.

cloud storage

Time-lapse storage on the cloud

Customizable web gallery of latest photos, as well as all full-res photos sent straight to a customized URL that will be made for this project.

Client team can visit the site from their desk with the customizable web gallery. Access the latest photos at the customized URL, complete with Client’s choice of layout, logos and login. This can be additionally used for remote project management and progress reports.

status reporting

Status Reporting

There’s nothing worse than setting up remote time-lapse equipment, only to return in a month and discover the battery died weeks ago.

The ability to check the status of our controller on the web interface, and with automatic email and SMS alerts, gives great peace of mind knowing our system’s working and that it will let us know immediately if something goes awry.


Email and SMS alerts

When the controller triggers an important system message that may require action, the controller will send us an email to let us know and provide a list of troubleshooting steps.

If a critical system event occurs, the controller system will send us an SMS, so that we can start troubleshooting straight away and avoid missing photos.


Remote configuration

We can configure our controller system to trigger photos anywhere between one every second and just one per week. We can even change the regime mid-project, anytime and from anywhere. The web interface also allows us to configure when to upload the images (every image as its taken, one per hour or as a batch overnight), remotely format the microSD card and adjust e-mail/SMS alerts.

solar powered

Solar powered

The controller system’s low-powered electronics means the whole system can run off just a one square foot (20W) solar panel. And if it’s cloudy, the standard 10.2Ahr battery will last up to one week without recharge


Weatherproof Timelapse housing

The controllers Standard and Classic Housings are IP-66 weatherproof, keeping the equipment safe and dry, and are fitted with optically pure glass to ensure the best photos.

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